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You also make an immediate impact on the landscape.

Burn off a few calories and reinvigorate your landscape with a bit of late winter pruning.

It’s a good time to prune summer flowering shrubs like Japanese spirea, potentilla and Annabelle hydrangeas that need some taming. It is also the best time to rejuvenate overgrown and neglected spring flowering shrubs like lilacs and forsythia.

Feb 21, Rejuvenation or renewal pruning is usually done in early spring before new growth emerges. Pruning in this way during any other time of year can cause excessive stress to the plant. However, you may wish to delay rejuvenation pruning on early spring-blooming shrubs until just after they’ve finished flowering.

These shrubs bloom on “old wood” that grew the previous bushcleanup.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins. Jan 31, Every three years or so, shrubs like sage, bougainvillea, lantana and others benefit from something called rejuvenation or renewal pruning.

It seems extreme because you are basically cutting these multi-stemmed shrubs down to ugly-looking stumps (usually between 6 inches to 2 feet long).5/5(2). Mar 02, Renewal pruning. Renewal pruning is a multi-year process. Each year, you remove about a third of the stems, cutting them down to ground level. Choose the oldest stems each year. This opens up the shrub, letting more light and air in, and spurs new growth from the base.

Jul 18, After rejuvenation pruning, a shrub regrows from its roots, becoming a compact, youthful plant with maximum bloom. This method is preferred for many flowering shrubs because it’s quick and easy and provides positive results.

Rejuvenation pruning is typically performed every three to five years when a shrub begins to look gangly and woody. Jan 19, Rejuvenation pruning only works on multi-stemmed, twiggy shrubs like spirea, dogwoods, and viburnums. Your plant is stressed or in poor health. If it is diseased, plagued by insects, or suffering from not enough water, it won’t survive the extreme pruning.

Shrubs that aren't properly pruned over the years can become tall and leggy, bushy and oversized, or just plain ugly. But renovating them is simple. In early spring, cut them down to within a few inches of the soil.

Over the next few years, the plants will typically regrow in.

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